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Kevin Fjelsted 2022 Republican Candidate for MN House District 65B

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Phone: 651-270-2678

Welcome Citizen Voter!

It is the sacred duty of all citizens of voting age to vote! All "legal" votes must be counted!

Please find your poling place as soon as possible and make a plan to vote in person! Redistricting has made a portion of West St. Paul part of 65B.

Voting in person is absolutely the most secure way to vote and ensure that our votes are accurately and legitimately counted!

Who Is Kevin

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I attended Augsburg University where I obtained a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.

I have been a resident of Saint Paul district 65B for the past 14 years. My wife Marcia and I married in 1978. I was born blind, and my wife Marcia was born with both visual and auditory impairments.

Marcia and I know how to overcome disabilities and thrive!

My wife Marcia and I have adopted and raised to adulthood four hard to place infants!

You may read more about me at

I am running for the Minnesota house 65B seat. This webpage is a high level overview of some of the issues that I am happy to discuss and take a position on. Please read and subscribe to my Substack page where I will provide weekly updates.

In the interests of keeping this web page short, I will be happy to publicly discuss additional legislative and governmental issues via Substack postings, based on any feedback or questions I receive by phone, email or Substack comments.

Jesus Christ The Son Of The Living God is my Lord and savior!

I am a sinner who's sins are forgiven because I believe and profess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior!

You may read my testimony of how I came to believe in and follow Jesus here.

Jesus commands his body to be fully engaged and bring his commandments, wisdom and teaching to the forefront of every personal thought and action as well as every interaction in our community and our government!

Our forefathers never intended there to be any "separation of church and state." Read this excellent source that discusses this fact. There is nothing stated in the constitution that would support this separation myth!

My Moral Compass For Legislative Decisions

Life Begins At Conception

God has a plan for each one of us that has been ordained since the beginning and before all time! This truth coupled with the commandment that we should not kill anyone makes all decisions supporting the protection of life paramount! Preservation of life is sacred!

I fully support and will help craft legislation banning all abortions in Minnesota!

You may read more concerning my position concerning pro-life here!

Educating Our Children

Through two local adoption agencies, we were blessed to adopt and raise four hard to place infants from "special needs lists". we have always had confidence that the only special needs our children had, were our need to bring them home!

We were proactive in providing our children with public, private, home school, alternative learning centers and charter schools. We both recognized that not every child fits into the "traditional" government and union run public school model.

In the last Twenty years, Minnesota's education infrastructure has continued to deliver poorer results each year. Now with the pandemic government forced school closers that were mandated by the teachers unions without any basis in science or Covid stats pertaining to children Minnesota students have been deprived of school for over 18 months. This means that for the most vulnerable age group who was just beginning to read, they may have lost there reading skills for their entire lifetime!

The manner in which the teacher’s unions and government have colluded against parents to deprive our children of an education is criminal!

I will immediately introduce legislation to remove the ability for the governor and teachers unions to mandate unnecessary school closings under any circumstances. In addition, I will introduce legislation to force the department of education and local districts to prioritize core educational skills including reading, writing, and math.

Any indoctrinating discussions of propaganda courses and culture shaping efforts such as marxism and critical race theory (CRT) will be deemed out of bounds.

Performance measurements will be required for teachers to achieve. This is no different than any other job! Pay increases and promotions will be based on performance measurements. School boards will be required to publish all proposed curriculums before they are adopted, and give public meeting time for parents to react. All school board voting must be public.

The legislature must endorse and facilitate the process of overhauling the Minnesota constitution to permit school choice vouchers so that the tax money may follow the student.

Home schooling must be encouraged instead of the government putting up roadblocks and treating parents who wish to homeschool as "enemies of the state."

Minnesota state colleges and universities must focus on the core competencies including relevant courses and training to enhance job skills.

Marxist ideology teaching and CRT teaching must be banned from all Minnesota state colleges and universities!

Idealogical and political teaching must not be permitted to derail the focus on unbiased competent education principals!

Any state university or college must focus solely on providing training that supports tangible goals towards acquiring a job! State schools must not be involved in teaching and charging students for courses that have no basis in assisting in getting a job!

Public Safety

I support prioritizing our tax paying citizens safety and security first! No one should be allowed to violate the security or safety of citizens!

Crime has geometrically increased over the past three years state wide. This is especially true in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Local policing and competent prosecutors is the best approach for handling this crime prevention issue. Support for police and the infrastructure for providing security to citizens must be endorsed and supported by all state and local government entities.

Concrete help by the legislature must be provided through funding packages and budget incentives that prohibit local governments and city Councils from reducing police or prosecuting resources. Budget incentives must be put in place to discourage letting criminals go through release programs that endanger the public. Criminals must know that crime doesn't deliver any benefits. Currently Minnesota state government practices the exact opposite approach which enables criminals who wish to take a stance that there are no consequences and everything to gain by violating other people's rights and conducting criminal activity!

Parents Are The LinchPin Of Education, Provision, Love And Support For The Children That God Has Given Them!

The animosity and separation that schools and government institutions have placed between parents and their children must be dissolved! No government funding or program should come in the way of that sacred parental responsibility!

Any government program that would attempt to influence or coerce a child or violate parental consent must be dissolved.

Any program that would permit government to influence a child to medically alter their body without parental consent must be dissolved!

This would include dissolving and prohibiting any requirements by schools for children to receive dangerous or untested surgeries, hormones, injections or drugs of any kind! Parental consent must be enshrined into law and never violated!

Ban Government From Implementing Any Vaccine Mandates or Vaccine Passports

I am absolutely opposed to any government order or law that would implement vaccine mandates or vaccine passports of any kind. The Covid19 experience has taught us that authoritarian overreach, along with big Pharma collusion, and denial of individual freedoms have all been abused by state and local government. You may read a list of extensive resources I have compiled on the subject here.